Film erotique streaming maitresse domina paris

film erotique streaming maitresse domina paris

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Com ore sesso gratis su dispositivi solo tantoporno. I expect great satisfaction from this slut but his asshole is still too tight for my taste. There is only one way to correct this mistake of nature, use one of my strap-on and ruthlessly break through all that has to be broken through. Certainly it will be a painful and traumatic experience for this bitch but this is the only effective way to erase any possible trace of virginity from his ass.

First of all, I completely chain up him, his body must remain suspended in the air, in this way I can possess him completely and drive the rhythm of his movements exactly as I want. This allows me to cancel any possible resistance to better push my cock strokes, fucking him in a tough and firm way. Just for this reason this slut very soon will be able to see and appreciate the substantial difference between BEFORE His ass from now on will be completely unrecognizable!!!

Mi aspetto grandi soddisfazioni da questa troia ma il suo buco del culo è ancora troppo stretto per i miei gusti. C'è un solo modo per correggere questo errore della natura, usare uno dei miei micidiali strap-on e sfondare senza pietà tutto quello che c'e' da sfondare. Il suo culo da adesso in poi sarà del tutto irriconoscibile!!!

The concept of limit is not exactly what suits me and my slaves know this very well but today what I intend to put into practice goes far beyond any possible expectation or imagination. I want to try some tantric positions to better dilate and split this slave's ass, this might seem apparently something obvious and already seen.

But not in this case!!! These new positions in fact, in addition to allowing a deep penetration, will make this slave take the deep inner awareness that after all he is just a slut and that's why his ass must never remain too much tight.

I firmly believe that this is the only way to make him feel completely cock stuffed. But of course I will not be satisfied with this alone Ma non in questo caso!!! Queste nuove posizioni infatti, oltre a permettere una profonda penetrazione, faranno prendere a questo schiavo la profonda consapevolezza interiore che in fin dei conti lui è solo una troia e proprio per questo il suo culo non deve mai rimanere stretto troppo a lungo.

Credo fermamente che solo in questo modo potrà sentirsi completamente ripieno di cazzo. This slut is here to beg me because he wants to be fucked with his favorite strap-on but I have something different in my mind. I just want to him with my big black cock, huge and powerful so to break his ass definitely And after this singular experience I really want to see if next time he will come back begging me to be fucked!!! Questa troia sta qui a supplicarmi perchè vuole essere scopato con il suo strap-on preferito ma io ho in mente qualcosa di diverso.

Today I want to break through the ass of this slave wildly and I want to do it in the middle of a park among dozens of passers-by who look at him curiously. This will be a unique experience for him that he can hardly forget and will undoubtedly mark his loser's mind in a remarkable way!!!

Oggi voglio rompere selvaggiamente il culo di questo schiavo e voglio farlo nel ben mezzo di un parco e tra decine di passanti che guardano incuriositi. This is my new sissy. She is still virgin and needs to be trained.

Yesterday I sent her to buy some sissy items: Now she is conveniently dressed and her training can start. Her sissy-pussy is still virgin, therefore I choose a mid-size strap-on for her first time. I make her bend over the cage and, after moving her thong aside, the game can start.

The penetration is somewhat painful it's normal, being the first time but, after a while, I can push the dildo fully inside her. She starts moaning, it's probably a mixture of pain and pleasure and I begin pushing harder and faster. Her moaning gets louder, while I pump her harder and harder.

For being a little virgin, she is doing pretty well. Bur the surprise comes later: Questa e' la mia nuova sissy. E' ancora vergine ed ha bisogno di essere addestrata. Ieri l'ho mandata a comprare alcuni articoli da sissy: Ora e' abbigliata in maniera consona al suo nuovo ruolo e il suo addestramento puo' cominciare. La sua sissy-vagina e' ancora vergine per cui ho scelto uno strap-on di grandezza media per la sua prima volta. La faccio piegare sulla gabbia, gli scosto il perizoma e il gioco puo' iniziare.

La penetrazione e' un po dolorosa e' normale, essendo la prima volta ma, dopo un po, riesco a spingere il dildo tutto dentro. Lei comincia a gemere, probabilmente e' un misto di dolore e godimento ed io inizio a spingere piu' a fondo e piu' velocemente.

I suoi gemiti sono sempre piu' forti mentre la stantuffo sempre piu' a fondo. Per essere una verginella, si sta comportando bene. Ma la sorpresa arriva dopo, quando penso che ne abbia avuto abbastanza per la prima volta, mi prega di continuare; ne vuole ancora!!! Ha certamente del talento per diventare molto presto una vera troia!!! She thinks she can move me with all these complaints. But I have already prepared a new, bigger cock, in order to completely open up her ass-hole.

Con tutte queste scuse spera di potermi impietosire. One of the things that gives me more pleasure in my life, is smoking my preferred cigar while I'm fucking a novice slave's virgin ass. And this is what I'm going to do now, after having well lubed this slave'a asshole, so that he is ready to receive my special big black cock.

Quite clearly this may be very painful, but this is part of my sadistic instinct. For this reason, today, I have decided to break through this slave's ass-hole and enjoy his cries of pain, which get louder and louder. Each time I push-in my mighty cock, his sphincter gets torn and I clearly feel the inside wall of his rectum stretching out but, today, my ferocity has no limits and I want definitively break his -hole.

My enjoyment grows along his agony, coalescing ecstasy and torment!!! E' proprio per questo motivo che oggi ho deciso di sfondare il culo di questo schiavo e godere delle sue urla di dolore che via via si fanno sempre piu' intense. Ogni volta che affondo il mio possente cazzo, il suo sfintere si lacera sempre di piu' ed io posso chiaramente sentire la carne che si dilata ma oggi la mia ferocia non ha limiti e io voglio rompergli il buco del culo in modo definitivo.

La mia eccitazione infatti aumenta di pari passo alla sua agonia, in un continuo fondersi di ecstasy e tormento!!!! I am training this whore to take bigger and bigger cocks but, today, I want to teach him something different: In order to be a real bitch, he must perfectly know all the possible ways in which his ass can be fucked. The missionary, the amazon, the scissors are only a few of of the positions he will have to experiment in order to become a true whore, ready to fulfill all my perverted fantasies; clearly, to reach this result, his ass-hole will be for long forcefully penetrated and stretched.

I'm sure that this kind of training will be a fundamental step in his life as a whore. L'addestramento di questa troia a predere cazzi sempre piu' grossi continua, ma oggi voglio che impari qualcosa di diverso: Per essere una vera cagna, occorre infatti che conosca alla perfezione tutti i modi possibili in cui il suo culo puo' essere scopato.

La posizione del missionario, l'amazzone, la forbice sono solo alcune delle posizioni che dovra' sperimentare per essere una vera troia, pronta a soddisfare ogni mia sfrenata fantasia. Ovviamente per raggiungere questo fatidico risultato il suo buco del culo verra' penetrato e allargato con forza e senza sosta per tutto il tempo. His position with his ass and mouth well exposed is inviting: Then the Mistresses switch sides; the slave tries to resist when Mistress Eden makes him suck the dildo that was in his ass, but in vain: He is forced to take it in his mouth.

The double fucking goes on, harder and deeper, until the Mistresses are tired and decide to stop; but, before they leave, the slave must undergo a final humiliation: Lo schiavo e' li, legato alla cavallina.

Non serviva per le riprese della mattinata per cui e' stato messo li e praticamente dimenticato. Ora Mistress Iside e Mistress Eden stanno mangiando uno snack chiacchierando amabilmente tra loro e, finalmente, lo notano.

La sua posizione, con la bocca e il culo completamente esposti, e' decisamente invitante: Subito le 2 Mistress sono in azione con i loro strap-on: Mistress Iside ne spinge uno, nero, nella sua gola mentre Mistress Eden pompa il suo culo con uno color carne; lo schiavo viene scopato, senza pieta' in entrambi i buchi!!!

Poi le Mistress si scambiano di posto. Lo schiavo prova resistere quando Mistress Eden gli presenta da succhiare il cazzo che prima stava nel suo culo, ma invano: La scopata doppia prosegue, sempre piu' forte e profonda, finche' le Mistress non si stancano e decidono di smettere. Ma c'e' un'ultima umiliazione per lo schiavo: This slave dared to challenge me in an infighting game but having undervalued my brutal physical force he miserably lost and now has to pay a pledge. The punishment I have in mind for him will be a long and painful sodomy with my favourite strap-on, a huge black mamba about 30cm long and with well over 20cm in circumference.

I decided to widen his asshole even more than its maximum capacity, making a proper anal tunnel where the meat of his sphincter will stretch very painfully up in agony till breaking. After having destroyed him physically now i want destroy also his ass, still too tight for my taste Pleasure and pain will alternate during this clip, but after having tasted my fierce black beast I can assure you this loser will no longer be the same Questo schiavo ha osato sfidarmi in un gioco di lotta corpo a corpo ma avendo sottovalutato la mia brutale forza fisica ha miseramente perso e ora deve pagare pegno.

La punizione che ho in serbo per lui sar una lunga e dolorosa sodomizzazione con il mio strap-on preferito un enorme mamba nero lungo 30cm e con ben oltre 20cm di circonferenza. Ho deciso di allargargli il buco del culo all'inverosimile, creargli un vero e proprio tunnel anale dove la carne dello sfintere si tender allo spasimo fino a rompersi. Dopo averlo distrutto fisicamente ora voglio distruggere anche il suo culo, ancora troppo stretto per i miei gusti Piacere e dolore si alterneranno durante questo video, ma dopo che avr assaporato la mia feroce bestia nera vi posso assicurare che questo perdente non sar pi la stessa persona MIstress Iside and Mistress Eden went out for lunch, leaving their slaves to clean up the dungeon.

When they come back, they found the slaves sitting and watching a porno video, showing a woman getting fucked while she sucks a cock. This is a serious fault and both slaves need to be severely punished but, first, the two Mistresses want to have some fun.

Since the slaves were enjoying watching a double penetration, now, they will experience one themselves. When they understand what is in store for them, the two slaves beg for mercy, since they both are anal virgin, but in vain.

Stripped naked, they are positioned in front of each other and two dildos, joined together, are pushed into their mouths. They have to suck the cock without letting it fall down. In the meantime, the two Mistress, each wearing a big strap-on, position themselves behind their slaves and slowly penetrate them. Now the dance can start: Mistress Eden's slave clearly enjoys the fucking, he is a real bitch, is moaning and pushes back in order to get penetrated deeper and deeper, while Mistress Iside's slave is somewhat suffering for such a violent penetration and squeals in pain.

Now it's time to switch hole: Both slaves are now sucking avidly, while they move back and forth their ass hole, by now, fully open. They seem to enjoy so much the fucking that the Mistresses decide to let them go on playing, when they leave This slave is always complaining; he doesn't like to stay in the cage and I'm really tired to hear his voice. Today I don't want to hear his voice but only his moaning; therefore I'm gonna fuck him with this big cock. I'm not only going to plug his filthy mouth but his stinky ass too!!!

I discovered this slave is not respecting the order of silence and complains talking too much. Several times I ordered him to keep quiet but he systematically continues to disobey. Today I decided to put an end to these behaviors with a very harsh punishment. Sitting on my throne, wearing my favourite strap-on, I called him asking why he talks so much, but he shamelessly denied. At this point I started my punishment taking his head and thrusting my strap-on completely inside his mouth in a brutal deepthroat causing him gag reflex: Still not happy, I forced him on all fours and without using any lubricant, but only with his drool still attached to my strap-on, I fucked him wildly.

As you already know my punishments are always very strict and to be sure that this stupid slave will not speak ever again I come up with an extremely painful punishment. After having pulled out the strap-on from his ass I decided to lubricate it thoroughly with the legendary pepper sauce Tabasco. So, while him is no longer able to put up any resistance, already tired by previous assfuck, I climb on my slave giving him a wild ponyfuck, blocking his hands on the floor and hammering my rubber cock inside his ass mercilessly.

You'll hear his groan and his lancinating inhuman pain screams in an extremely devastating action, never seen before. I can assure you this loser had the ass on fire for several days but now has stopped talking!!!

Today I want to show everybody how good as a whore my slave is. He is always hungry for cock: Now I want to see if he can get this monster cock up on his ass. I wanna have fun fucking him with so hard to completely destroy his ass!!!

Title 18 U. Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. All clips sold are to be viewed by the purchaser only and are not to be shared, traded or posted for others to download. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All models on this site are 18 or older.

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Dato che agli schiavi piaceva guardare una doppia penetrazione, ora potranno sperimentarla essi stessi. Quando comprendono cosa li attende, i due schiavi implorano pieta', dato che entrambi sono vergini analmente, ma invano. Spogliati nudi, essi vengono posizionati uno di fronte all'altro e due dildo, uniti insieme, sono spinti nelle loro bocche. Essi devono succhiare il cazzo senza lasciarlo cadere. Nel frattempo, le due Mistresses, ciascuna indossando un grosso strap-on, si posizionano dietro il loro schiavo e cominciano lentamente a penetrarlo.

: Film erotique streaming maitresse domina paris

PORNO MAMAN FRANCAISE ESCORT CHESSY Still not happy, I forced him on all fours and without using any lubricant, but only with his drool still attached to my strap-on, I fucked him wildly. You porno amatrice escort taverny clearly see how his anal ring is expanded beyond its capacities, breaking under "film erotique streaming maitresse domina paris" pressure of my strapon with me exclaiming: Today I want to ronde porno escort girl gironde through the ass of this slave wildly and I want to do it in the middle of a park among dozens of passers-by who look at him curiously. Bdsm Latex breathtaking videos can lose control throbbing monster your pants? Now I want to see if he can get this monster cock up on his ass.
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Film erotique streaming maitresse domina paris -

Those are not mere allegations know what say because understand how thrilling all granny are. Questo schiavo come minimo non potrà sedersi per una settimana!!! BDSM mai come prima film erotique streaming maitresse domina paris

Film erotique streaming maitresse domina paris -

Ieri l'ho mandata a comprare alcuni articoli da sissy: Bur the surprise comes later: First of all, I completely chain up him, his body must remain suspended in the air, in this way I can possess him completely and drive the rhythm of his movements exactly as I want. Il suo culo da adesso in poi sarà del tutto irriconoscibile!!! Today I want to show everybody how good as a whore my slave is.

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